Birdsong Peace Chamber Schedule

On the 7th day of each month: @ 6:15 PM: Chanting and @6:45: Fire Ceremony (more info)

Tuesday March 7th at 6: 45 pm: The Fire Ceremony & Chanting. Come at 6:15 if you want to drum.


Sunday March 26th @ 10 AM: SweatLodge Ceremony and Potluck. Welcome the Spring. You must RSVP for this event. Please be on time.  We’ll need a crew to help with preparations and to help split wood. The Tree Guys were here last week and topped nine of the dead hybrid poplars at the edge of the upper field and cut them into lengths. I’ll rent a log splitter.Please bring nourishing food for ten or so for the potluck.

 Friday April 7 @ 6:45 pm. Fire Ceremony. 6:15 for drumming.


 Sunday April 23 @ 10 am: Sweat Lodge:  We shall be dancing The Sand Hill Crane Dance. This is a short dance, approx 45 minutes that Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow gifted to Kristen and Tom. I think we are the only ones anywhere to perform this particular dance. It’s lots of fun so bring the kids, family friendly. We’ll practice the dance, then sweat, and then do the dance and then feast.


Sunday May 7th: 11-3 pm Women’s Sweat Lodge- Led by Dagmar Holl, Holly Troupe and Jen Drialo. RSVP with Dagmar @484-302-6796 

 Sunday May 7 @ 6:45 pm: The Fire Ceremony & Chanting. 6:15 for drumming

 Sunday May 14 @ 10 am: Sweat Lodge Ceremony and Potluck. RSVP

We have found that the 10 AM start time is works well. It gives everyone an opportunity to assist with the fire building ceremony and other preparations. We then have fruitful discussions and sharing about various Joseph Rael teachings. When people show up on time, there is no distraction from the ceremony by late comers. All are able to commit, cooperate and contribute.

   About the Sweat Lodge Ceremony:  The actual sweat lodge, with the introduction, often lasts about 2 hours. Bring clothes for wearing after the lodge. Attire for the lodge should be modest and non-revealing: men: loose swimsuit or shorts; women: long dress, preferably w/sleeves or sleeved top and long skirt. Bring a towel and a water bottle; work gloves, if you have them, and a potluck dish for after the lodge. The ceremony and protocols are explained before the lodge. You may leave the lodge at any time. Understand that sitting by the fire you are also in the ceremony: a powerful time to pray and meditate. If you need to leave the lodge itself the ceremony continues for you around the fire. Participants are allowed to come back into the lodge if they need to sit outside for a portion of the ceremony.

Please call Tom or Kristen at 610-469-9029 for information and confirmation. Donations for Lodges and Chamber are appreciated.


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