Books and tapes by Joseph Rael  

Pictures and writings about the 20th Drum Dance, Jun2 2007.  (Click here)

Angela Bear Heart, Holistic & Shamanic Healing Path (click here)

MalvernSweatLodge - Jim Frank (Click here)


Other Peace Chambers:

Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber in Tucson, Arizonia. 

The Center for Peace in Seymour, TN, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Stella Longland has put together a bueatiful web site about the Peace Chambers, Joseph's teachings and personal stories.  Sound Peace Chambers


Some links for Joseph Rael, aka Beautiful Painted Arrow:

Joseph on Youtube CLICK HERE

Click here for an interesting Wildfire 1996 interview of Joseph Rael by Rick Mcbride of