Sunday April 23, 2023.

Dance follows the sweat lodge - see schedule page for details.

"To lay the Self on the mercy of the Heavenly Plane with a pure heart is the Sandhill Crane Teaching." - Beautiful Painted Arrow

Join us in the ceremonial dance of the Sand Hill Cranes. Among the oldest creatures on the planet, Sand Hill Cranes have circled our globe, migrating to and from their summer and winter homes. Anyone who has visited the Southwest will not soon forget their haunting shrill cries as they soar high in the thermals, mere dots circling on their migratory routes. Or even more extraordinary, seeing their fantastic dances up close. Cranes are beings who, in the most ancient mythologies, have stirred our deepest imaginations and reverence.

Joseph Rael gifted Kristen and Tom Bissinger with the privilege of presenting this dance. Birdsong is the only place where this unique dance is performed. We begin the dance on the top of the hill, singing the Crane song to each other. Then we wind our way to the dance field and ceremonially dance for a short time. At the conclusion , we shall have a pot luck feast. We encourage entire families to dance as it is fun and not arduous.

Bring Rattles, clothing for the Sweat Lodge, and a pot luck offering. A $20 donation is requested. It goes towards maintenance as their can be no charge for the ceremony itself.

Please arrive promptly so that Kristen and Tom can teach the dance. Following the rehearsal, we shall sweat, then change clothes and dance the Sand Hill Cranes, and then finish with the Feast.

For further information, reservations, and directions, please call Bissingerís: 610-469-9029