Dances at Birdsong Peace Chamber

Birdsong Peace Chamber is hosting three of its five dances each year. The dances are ceremonial in nature, and by dancing, as Joseph teaches, we are expanding Awareness and Personal Greatness on the Micro level and Vast Achievement on the Macro level. When we dance in ceremony, we are expanding whatever principle that we are dancing at that time. The dances endow us with the ability to break self-imposed limitations and to attune to Listening, Seeing, and Awareness.  

"These dances are not just ordinary social dances. These dances are like mantras, vibrations that when they are articulated in dance, they then give back to the dancer or give back to that moment or give back to that time on the planet a return gift of having danced." -Beautiful Painted Arrow

   DANCES for 2023

SPRING:  The Sand Hill Crane Dance. Sunday April 23, 2023. A short one day dance that is enjoyable for all ages. “To lay the Self on the mercy of the Heavenly Plane with a pure heart is the Sand Hill Crane Teaching.” -Beautiful Painted Arrow  

SUMMER: The Drum Dance June 16-18, 2023 The Drum Dance starts on Friday and ends on Sunday morning. The focus of the Drum Dance is for personal transformation and for  the wellbeing of each dancer’s personal lineage. Supported and inspired by chanting and drumming the dancers dance forward for future generations and backward to heal past generations, dancing and resting throughout each day, sleeping at night. For information, contact Tom at or the chief, Lindsley Field, at: 207-512-0744,

The Sun-Moon Dance. July 6-9, 2023. The Sun-Moon Dance is inspired by the ancient Sun Dance and a vision received in that dance by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow.  The Sun-Moon Dance embraces and balances both male and female energies. In the center of the circular arbor in which the dance is held stands the Tree of Life. The dancers pray, fast, rest and dance from Thursday evening to Sunday morning supported by the drummers, singers and a support crew. It is a dance for personal and global peace, inspiration and vision with the potential for powerful transformation. Contact the chief, Ben Jezierski, 856-577-2126,

FALL: The Long Dance. Saturday-Sunday - September 16-17, 2023. A dance during the night time when one can bring forth associations that lie in the subconscious mind and by dancing them, bring them to the light and own them. “In the long dance of life, every step forward awakens three opportunities for the human. One, placement in eternity; two, purification of past forms; three, new opportunities for adventure, for in the instance of eternal time, the new always refreshes and cleanses.Beautiful Painted Arrow

FALL: The Corn Dance. Sunday, September TBA, 2023 A short one day celebratory dance of the Spirit of the Corn: Beauty, Innocence, and Radiating Light. The Corn Dance came to Tom in a dream in 1989 and was verified by Joseph Rael who always says to pay attention to one’s visions. Corn Dance is both an affirmation of the bounty of the Corn, its life-giving properties, and the eternal cycle of birth, life, death. Corn also self- propagates, carrying both the feminine and masculine within it. The dance is a simple, “Village” dance, lasting less than an hour. It is partially a spiral dance, reflecting the properties of Corn. It is also a family dance and children are encouraged to participate!  We will teach the dance, sweat, and then dance, followed by a feast. (If you bring small children, please be aware that they must be attended if you or others in your family sweat.) Contact Tom Bissinger @

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