Corn Dance:



      Sunday September 18, 2005  

On this day we celebrate the coming of Autumn and that special moment when, twice a year, the day and night is in balance. We will honor this special time by dancing our gratitude for all that has been given so that we may continue to be part of the blessing of life.

The Spirit of the Corn contains Beauty, Innocence, and Radiating Light. It is the infinite and finite essence of Awareness. As we go in and out of Balance, we dance all our potential Possibilities.

The Corn Dance came to Tom in a dream where he was shown exactly how to dance it.  In the Corn Dance, we are dancing the beautiful everything: the living, breathing Earth. As we come out of the dream, we spiral into the dance of Life of which we are all a part.

We encourage family and friends to take part in this light-hearted, life affirming dance. No knowledge of dance steps are required; only your willingness to be part of a community that through dance endows our planet and ourselves with Beauty, Innocence, and Radiating Light.

PLEASE BRING: two ears of unshucked corn and rattles, if you have them.

Following the Sweat Lodge and the Dance, we’ll celebrate with a Pot Luck Feast.


HELP WITH WORK PARTY. . We are asking people to arrive at 10 AM to help split firewood with log splitter, prepare the dance fields, and the sweat lodge fire. As Joseph reminds us, ‘work is worship.’  

SCHEDULE OF for Corn Dance September 18, 2005: