The Sun Moon Dance at Birdsong  July 7-10, 2022
The Sun Moon Dance is about reaching for our highest potential
~ about honoring the Earth Mother and the Sacred Tree of Life
~ about breaking through self imposed limitations
~ about Love and Community
~ about Global Peace
The Sun Moon Dance comes from a long tradition handed down by Joseph Rael,
Beautiful Painted Arrow, a mystic Sun Dancer.

What is the Sun Moon Dance?
The Sun Moon Dance is a three and a half day ceremony that came out of a vision of our teacher Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. Joseph is a respected author, visionary, mystic, and medicine teacher. He comes from the lineage of the Picuris Pueblo tribe of New Mexico and the Southern Ute of Colorado. The dance takes place in a circular arbor on sacred land; the Tree of Life sits in its center. Dancers fast from food, water and talk, which brings heightened awareness to receive any visions or teachings. Drummers drum and chant for 20 to 40 minute cycles from sunrise to sundown, and dancers move back and forth to the Tree. Ceremony connects us with our ancestors and all of creation. This dance represents an opportunity to contribute to the healing of self, community and the planet as a whole. Through dancing we come to understand our deepest potential. We dance to honor the present, cleanse the past and bless the future. To participate in the Sun/Moon Dance affirms a commitment to spiritual growth and transformation. Joseph requests Sun Moon dancers make a four-dance commitment. This allows us to acknowledge the depth and meaning of all we receive from the Dance.

Support People: The dance is supported by a grounded crew of people who honor this ceremony. Dancers are encouraged to bring a support person who can affirm rather than worry about their dancer. Support people also help with setup and break down tasks and drive the dancer home after the dance.

Give-Away: A give away is a ceremonial exchange of energy. This invites Spirit to work in and through us without pre-conceived expectations. Beautiful Painted Arrow established the Dance exchange as $750. It is an offering of practical support for the Dance. Those who participate in the dance as Drummers, Medicine People, Dog Soldiers, Kitchen Angels and Support are grateful to the dancers for creating, through their giveaway and sacrifice, an opportunity to be part of this sacred gathering. A nonrefundable check of $350 is required by June 1; $400 is due the day of the dance. Another option is to pay month-by-month prior to the dance.


Ben Jezierski, Cheif  - (856)577-2126