Sweat Lodges - monthly

Sweat Lodges are ceremonies of Prayer and Purification. Healing is at the crux of the ceremony. It is a mending of the broken connections between us and "all my relations,' words that are used when we pray. These words create a kinship with other people, the land, and animals. It is a sacred act of renewal. Tom and Kristen (Water Pourers)  have been taught by  Joseph Rael. 

The Elders of the chamber encourage all of you to walk the land before the lodge, and convey your thoughts of gratitude to the land.  We have cornmeal and ceremonial tobacco which you can feed to the trees and the land on your short meditative walk.  Also, there will be materials for the making of Prayer Ties which you may carry into the Lodge.  Someone will be on hand to remind you how to do this.  We will start promptly at 1PM , so please be mindful of time.  If you arrive a little late, change your clothes and say your prayers around the fire-pit and then enter when the door opens for the next round. 

Starting in September, 2005, we shall be reading Joseph’s book, “The Way of Inspiration.” Each chapter deals with one of the ten steps of inspiration and shall serve as a theme for the monthly sweat lodge and chanting. Copies of this book will be available at Birdsong for $15.00.



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