Ceremonies at Birdsong Peace Chamber

Dances  Birdsong Peace chamber hosts five dances each year. The dances are ceremonial in nature, and by dancing, as Joseph teaches, we are expanding Awareness and Personal Greatness on the Micro level and Vast Achievement on the Macro level. (click here to read more

"These dances are not just ordinary social dances. These dances are like mantras, vibrations that when they are articulated in dance, they then give back to the dancer or give back to that moment or give back to that time on the planet a return gift of having danced." -Beautiful Painted Arrow

FIRE CEREMONY  On the 7th of each month, at 7:00 PM - This ceremony came from a vision that Joseph Rael had in 1984. He was taken under the sea to meet Oceanus Creator Being of the oceans- and was told to make a ceremony every month to purify the waters of the world and the ocean of cosmic thought... (click here to read more)

Sweat Lodges - monthly

Sweat Lodges are ceremonies of Prayer and Purification. Healing is at the crux of the ceremony. It is a mending of the broken connections between us and "all my relations,' words that are used when we pray. These words create a kinship with other people, the land, and animals. It is a sacred act of renewal. Tom and Kristen (Water Pourers)  have been taught by  Joseph Rael. ( click here to read more)

Chanting:  we chant the sounds as taught by Joseph Rael at the Fire Ceremony each month.